Developing a clear cut strategy is needed. The following are seven standards or strategies on the grounds of which any entrepreneurship or company can be established;

Focus on your key product or product line:  This idea is the secret to the core plan. An entrepreneur of small business has to distinguish themselves from major business by focusing on the primary product.

Making it quick and simple:  One need to be able to distinguish what their business is within a couple of well-defined and succinct words( I.e the patter or pitch) which should last for no more than 30 seconds where any potential customer can grasp accurately what the business is about without having being confused.

Remaining real to who you are:  You can achieve your objectives by recognizing who you are and what makes you enthusiastic and what doesn’t. Noticeably laziness as a human frailty can prolong your development plan of action so it’s more desirable to not go and procrastinate when it comes to implementing an ideal result driven plan

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Mapping it:  A small business can flourish when it has a limited service offering. Specializing in distinctive top quality service is the value in having a small business. In many instances, a small business can survive against its bigger counterparts by providing distinctive service to its customers.

Utilizing the best marketing tools that work for you:  It’s important to evaluate the selected marketing tools from a cost perspective. You have to make a decision as to which marketing tool will yield the best returns on your investment and efforts.

Implementing a plan of action:  During the short term, you need to evaluate your plan every month. If the plan is not being met you need to ask probing questions such as “did I select the appropriate tools for my target customer”?  Keeping this in mind you should have a strategy check of your plan on a day to day basis so as to know if the plan is on track and is progressing as you planned.

Exercising the plan:  These are the basic most important techniques for Entrepreneurship development.  The final step is to complete your daily actions and put in extra efforts to accelerate your plan towards success. Precious time should be not wasted but instead is used actively for reaching your goal.



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