Posting great comments can open up real discussions and meaningful communication on relevant topics pertaining to your business. Many marketing blogs urge you to post your website links and comments.

Now with a complete database of your contacts, you can easily upload the complete contact data, including email, into most any professional email marketing software transmitting platform to manage and send your emails to your lists. It is highly suggested you use a can-spam compliant email marketing software for sending your emails. Many email marketing companies will not allow many complaints or email bounce backs so in most cases they will remove the account, so it is recommended that you use proper email marketing software that allows you to grow your business properly.

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Give Away Free Stuff: We all know the internet is excellent for free offers. Hands down one of the most effective marketing techniques available for customer attainment is giving away a free products or service, like software services, or free US data lists. With the continuing rise of social media, more companies are now concerned with “word-of-mouth ” marketing and reputation management services are getting more and more recognition for their expertise in this area.

Small businesses usually can’t afford large marketing budgets like the bigger brands have, so you need to get more creative to reflect a larger profit. Here are 6 genius ideas for any small businesses owner or online marketer.

Emailing your Business Contacts: OK at first glimpse this might seem evident, however, many people have no idea about the tremendously powerful databases they currently have waiting for them. Excited yet??? You should be!! Did you know that you can save your contact databases from Google and LinkedIn, among other social networks?

LinkedIn Networking: It’s true; LinkedIn is great for generating new contacts. LinkedIn is the world’s largest business network and one of the fastest growing.

Publish How-to Instructional Videos: Video Content and Instructional videos. A quick Google search for free desktop, and/or webcam recording software can provide you a good head start when it comes to creating basic videos.

Publish Content: Yes, publishing and writing content is without a doubt one of the most vital marketing strategies you can have … Do some research and start writing about your innovative ideas, products, and/or services with passion. If you write it yourself it’s also free! Good places to upload your content are social media sites such as LinkedIn and article sites like EzineArticles.com to mention a few.



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